Buterick has been the innovative leader in house pilings since 1954. The original method of installation was to jet the piles into the ground with the use of water pressure. These piles were not anchored, so this method proved to be a problem creating a void below the pile. Early on, our company began to use the vibratory hammer which drives the pile into stable soil, properly anchoring them. It is now the industry standard for house pilings to be installed using this method and to be certified by a licensed engineer. 

There are no charge for estimates. Please provide the office with a complete set of prints when requesting a quote. Prints can be emailed to 

How we do it

Buterick will erect batterboards on your job site prior to installing pilings in order to insure proper placement. Pilings are installed using a vibratory hammer, which allows for the quickest and most efficient process. Lastly, Buterick will notch pilings and set the bands before your house is set or framing can be completed. 

What we need

Please provide the office with your piling plan, first floor framing plan and the elevation page from your architectural blueprint. A plot plan is necessary before work begins. Customer is responsible for providing a four corner mark-out and benchmark elevation completed by a certified surveyor. Customer is also responsible for obtaining all necessary local permits. 


In cases of limited access where a pile driving rig is too large to fit your site, helical piers are the recommended deep foundation alternative. Buterick is experienced in all phases of helical installation in a variety of different environments - from working inside an existing historical structure to working in tight quarters underneath a lifted house. 

How we do it

There are a variety of different methods used to install helicals. Buterick will customize the installation based on your individual needs and circumstances. Helicals can be installed using an excavator-mounted drive head, a skid-steer mounted drive head for tighter quarters, or a hand-held drive head. 

What we need

Please provide the office with a copy of your piling plan and plot plan. The customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary local permits. 


Buterick uses the innovative Pile Medic system on every pile repair job. Feel free to visit the Pile Medic website for more information.