Over recent years many new products have been introduced to extend the  life of your bulkhead. The most important upgrade to bulkheads is the use of vinyl sheathing. The sheathing is typically the weakest link in a bulkhead, with a  life span of 15-30 years. The vinyl products today carry a 50-year warranty, though we expect they will last much longer. We work closely with our vinyl supplier to insure quality and consistency in our product. Over the years we have seen different products come & go, but vinyl is here to stay. Please call the office 609-597-8426 or contact us HERE, to request a free estimate. 

How we do it

Buterick will remove your existing bulkhead and excavate your backyard. New materials, which include: pilings, vinyl sheets, marine-grade 6x6 whalers, and 1" galvanized tie rods will be installed to insure the strength of your new bulkhead. 

What we need

Please provide the office with a sealed copy of your property survey and a NJDEP permit (if needed.) Buterick Bulkheading will handle obtaining a local permit for your new bulkhead.